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Top 10 AI Tools to Improve Your Dropshipping Business

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  • 2023-07-21 14:38:52
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Updated: 2023-11-18 09:26:44

Dropshipping is becoming increasingly competitive and staying ahead is critical to success. One of the best ways you can quickly gain advantages today is to utilize the latest AI tools to streamline your business and increase sales. From generating product descriptions to creating social media posts, there is a variety of AI tools designed for e-commerce businesses that can cover many of the repetitive tasks for dropshipping.


In this article, we’ll tell you how artificial intelligence tools can help with dropshipping, and explore the top 10 AI tools you can use to improve your dropshipping business.


Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Dropshipping


The benefits of AI Dropshipping can be far more than you can imagine if you can make the most of AI power in your dropshipping business. Generally speaking, AI has the potential to improve your dropshipping business by poroviding the following benefits:


Deliver Engaging Content in Minutes


AI copywriting tools are the most widely used in e-commerce businesses. They have the power to create high-quality content for your website, social media posts, ads, blogs, emails, etc. more efficiently. And some AI image generators can generate compelling image and video designs for your brand.


Such tools are trained to generate human-like responses and can provide personalized tones and copywriting according to your preferences and engaging creatives for different social media needs!


Bring Personalized Shopping Experiences


Some AI tools can analyze customer data such as previous purchases, browsing history, and customer preferences to make personalized product recommendations and offer discounts, improving customer shopping experiences. As the customers are satisfied with your personalized services, they are more likely to make decisions on more purchases.


Improve Customer Service


AI-fueled chatbots can provide 24/7 customer service, answering common questions about product availability, order status, shipping, return policies, etc., and resolving issues quickly and efficiently. You can customize an AI chatbot for your website to do more such as collecting feedback from customers to help improve your products and services. 


Save on Dropshipping Costs


By improving the efficiency of repetitive tasks of running a dropshipping store, you can reduce the need for manual labor and potentially lower costs. Besides, winning ads will be easier to create with the help of AI Ad generators, so you can avoid spending more on the wrong ads and campaigns.


Increase Dropshipping Sales


AI tools designed for marketing and sales can conduct market research to help you identify your competitors, select the most profitable products to sell, improve your SEO work to rank higher, and generate the most converting campaigns to drive more sales. You can both improve efficiency and profitability by applying AI to important tasks of dropshipping.


Top 10 AI Tools to Improve Your Dropshipping Business


Whether you are just starting out or looking to bring your dropshipping business to the next level with AI, good tools are essential to achieve success. In addition to ChatGPT which you already know, there are many excellent AI tools designed for e-commerce businesses that can help with copywriting, marketing, sales generation, etc. Now let's find them out and see which you can leverage.


AI Tools Pricing Plans Key Features
ChatGPT ChatGPT: free
ChatGPT Plus: $20/mo
Versatile uses in content generation
Human-like responses
Personalized recommendations
Support over 95 languages
Safe chat data control
Jasper 7-day free trial
Creator: $49/mo
Teams: $125/mo
Business: custom
AI content generator
Generate art or image from text
50+ templates
Support 30+ languages
Jasper Chrome extension Free: $0/mo
Pro: $49/mo
Enterprise: custom
AI content generator
AI translations
90+ tools and templates
Support 29+ languages
Summarize website data from URL
Canva Free: $0/mo
Pro: $12.99/mo for one person
Teams: $14.99/mo for 5 people
AI image generator
Drag-and-drop image editor
Massive free templates
Social media content planner
Real-time collaboration
Wepik Free AI image generator
AI text writer
Social media scheduler
Brand kit generator
QR code generator
Pencil 7-day free trial
Self-Serve: $119/mo
Hybrid: $299/mo
Full-Service: $999+/mo
Generate static & video ad ideas
AI ads predictions
AI ads insights
Pre-built scenes and stickers
AdCreative 7-day free trial
Starter: $21/mo
Premium: $44/mo
Ultimate: $74/mo
Scale-up: $111/mo
Generate ad creatives
Generate texts and headlines
Generate social media posts
Creative insights
MarketMuse Free: $0/mo
Basic: $29/mo
Pro: $39/mo
Enterprise: $99/mo
Content clusters
Content planning
Keyword Research
Content brief generator
Competitive content analysis Free: $0/mo
Basic: $29/mo
Pro: $39/mo
Enterprise: $99/mo
120+ AI text-to-speech voices
20+ languages and accents
AI voice changer
Google slides voice add-on
TIDIO Free: $0/mo
Starter: $29/mo
Communicator: $25/mo/seat
Chatbots: starting from $29/mo
Drag-and-drop Chatbot builder
Pre-designed templates
Powerful helpdesk tool
Real-time visitor overview


1. ChatGPT - AI-Powered Chatbot




ChatGPT is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI. You can use it as a free copywriting tool for various dropshipping tasks such as generating product descriptions, social media posts, advertising content, blogs, emails, customer service responses, etc. ChatGPT can also access up-to-date information with its plugins to provide more accurate statistics. And it's recommended to use clear and detailed prompts to get the best responses!




❏ Key Features


 • Easy to use and get instant responses via easy chats

 • Versatile uses in content generation

 • Professional and Natural responses just like human beings

 • Personalized responses and recommendations based on your preferences

 • Support over 95 languages

 • Safe chat data control (Once you turn off chat history, your chat data won't be used to train and improve the ChatGPT model.)




ChatGPT is free to use while ChatGPT Plus costs $20 per month with faster and more accurate responses.


Check ChatGPT reviews >>


2. Jasper - AI Content Generator




Jasper is a generative AI tool that helps create amazing copy for ads, blog, website, email, and social media faster. It is powered by GPT-3 to generate high-quality content. But different from ChatGPT, it is specifically tailored for marketing and sales. Jasper can be a perfect choice if you are looking for a professional AI tool to help optimize your dropshipping business with SEO-friendly content!


❏ Key Features


 • Jasper Chrome extension

 • Create on-brand content based on your brand voice

 • Create end-to-end marketing campaigns

 • Generate art or image from text

 • Templates for 50+ different use-cases

 • Support 30+ languages

 • Scaleable with Jasper API


❏ Pricing


Jasper offers a 7-day free trial and reasonable pricing plans for different needs. Its basic plan for Creator ($49/mo), including everything in free plus unlimited word generation, 50+ templates, and 1 brand voice, is enough for small businesses to automate the daily work in personalized brand voice.


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3. - AI Copyriting Generator is an AI copywriting tool for generating high-converting and engaging content for websites, social media posts, blogs, ads, emails, and more. You can leverage's automated workflows to streamline sales and marketing for growth. It has been popular since its launch in 2022 and is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives. The advantage is that Chat by can Scrape and summarize website data from any public URL, which means it can output more accurate content targeting your audience.


❏ Key Features


 • Generate product descriptions in bulk

 • Generate SEO-friendly content that ranks

 • Summarize YouTube videos into bullet points

 • AI translations for all forms of marketing content

 • 90+ tools and templates

 • End-to-end content & copy

 • Scaleable with APIs


❏ Pricing has a forever-free plan for basic uses including Chat by, unlimited projects, and blog wizard tool, but it has only 1 user seat and a 2000-word limit monthly.


Its pro plan, which costs $49 per month, has additional access to 5 user seats, unlimited brand voices, priority email support, 29+ languages, and the newest features. If you want its API access, you can contact them for a customized plan.


Check reviews >>


4. Canva - AI Image Generator




Canva is a professional design tool for images and videos. It provides massive creative templates for almost anything of social media and marketing uses. And you can access millions of free images, icons, and graphics for your designs. It also integrates with a free AI image generator that allows you to transform your text descriptions into beautiful images in seconds. Canva is a powerful design tool that all dropshipping business owners can not miss as it has everything a brand needs to create visual content in a cost-efficient way!


❏ Key Features


 • Drag-and-drop editor for images and videos

 • AI image generator from text to image

 • Free and easy-to-use photo editor

 • Built for teamwork to edit together in real-time

 • Easy sharing and exporting in multiple formats

 • Access anywhere and autosave

 • Social media content planner


❏ Pricing


It has a forever-free plan for anyone who wants to design anything and you can invite others to design with you online. If you want to access premium content and designs, you can upgrade to a pro plan for only $12.99 per month.


Check Canva reviews >>


5. Wepik - Free AI Image Generator




Wepik is a free online templates editor suitable for small businesses and provides hundreds of templates for brand marketing and social media, including logos, brochures, business cards, posters, YouTube banners, Instagram posts, etc. The advantage is that Wepik has a combination of AI-powered features such as an AI image generator to bring your design to a higher level. So if you are looking for a beginner-friendly design tool to generate professional brand designs, then Wepik is one of your top choices!


❏ Key Features


 • AI-powered search

 • AI image generator from text to image

 • AI text writer tool for blogs or social media posts

 • Social media scheduler to post at the right time and place

 • Free photo editor direct access to Freepik & Pexels images

 • Brand kit generator for small business

 • Brand QR code generator


❏ Pricing


You can access all the features of Wepik for free, without any cost!


Check Wepik reviews >>


6. Pencil - AI Ad Generator




Pencil is a powerful AI Ad generator that helps brands and agencies create winning ads 10x faster. It can automatically generate static & video ad creatives within your branding and assets. Based on its $1B in ad spend, Pencil can predict ad ideas that are likely to perform among the best in your sector. You can also get insights at your ad creative, copy, topic, or tag level to understand which of your ads are working and why. So, Pencil can be a perfect choice for lowering ad costs and improving ad results for brands!


❏ Key Features


 • Generate static & video ad ideas for all platforms and formats in minutes

 • AI predictions based on over $1B in ad spend

 • AI insights into copy, elements, tags, and more

 • Real-time editor with a simple drag-and-drop interface

 • A Library of pre-built scenes and stickers

 • Free stock music, images & video

 • Compare the results and tactics of your ads to competitors


❏ Pricing


Pencil is a little bit expensive as it is dedicated to brands and advertising. But it's worth considering because it can save your advertising costs and increase efficiency. It provides a 7-day free trial for you to explore the features. The self-serve plan is $119/mo for startups including up to 50 exports, 1 brand, direct channel integrations, and chat support. It also has an annual choice to save 40%!


Check Pencil reviews >>


7. AdCreative - AI Ad & Social Creatives Generator




AdCreative is an AI-powered tool that helps generate conversion-focused ad creatives and social media posts for brands in minutes. It can also be your copywriter and select the best tone and length for the social platform while focusing on your target audience’s pain points. If you want to simplify the workflow of creating ad designs and improve the CTR of your ads and posts, AdCreative can be your perfect choice.


❏ Key Features


 • Generate ad copies for any advertising platform in any language

 • Generate creatives/ banners for any advertising platform

 • Meet different sizes for social media ads and posts

 • Creative insights and ad analysis

 • AI data learning and personalized results


❏ Pricing


AdCreative provides a 7-day free trial and 4 paid plans: $21/mo for starter, $44/mo for premium, $74/mo for ultimate, and $111/mo for scale-up. The differences are in the number of downloads, number of brands, and number of users.


Check AdCreative reviews >>


8. MarketMuse - AI SEO Content Strategy Generator




MarketMuse is an AI software that helps businesses optimize content strategy. It can build high-quality content plans in minutes and its keyword research simplifies the subjectivity and is based on your existing clusters for the best ranking. It also integrates with ChatGPT to provide personalized insights on how to improve your best-performing articles and help find at-risk content to optimize. MarketMuse is worth trying if you are struggling on creating high-quality SEO content for more search traffic.


❏ Key Features


 • Competitive content analysis

 • Content clusters

 • Content planning

 • Cluster-first keyword research

 • Content brief generator

 • Content optimization using ChatGPT


❏ Pricing


It has a forever-free plan for users with a low content volume and there's a 7-day free trial for the Standard plan, which is $149/month. It's a little bit expensive for startups but you can have a trial first before you make decisions.


Check MarketMuse reviews >>


9. - AI Voice Generator is a versatile AI voice generator that can transform text into speech with realistic human voices. Unlike most video editing tools, you can add a well-timed AI voiceover to your videos with Murf's AI technology and make them more engaging. For small-medium businesses, Murf is a cost-effective solution for creating quality and professional voiceovers for videos. If you feel time-consuming when editing recorded voiceovers, just try out to simplify everything!


❏ Key Features


 • 120+ text-to-speech voices in 20+ languages and accents

 • AI voice clone that mimics real human emotions

 • AI voice changer for home recording

 • Royalty-free background music

 • Google slides voice add-on

 • Easy-to-use interface

 • Scaleable with API


❏ Pricing provides a free plan for you to get started and have a trial. Its Pro plan ($39/mon) is the best choice to create high-quality voiceovers, which allows you to access unlimited downloads and all voices, languages, and accents.


Check Murf reviews >>


10. TIDIO - AI-Fueled Chatbot




TIDIO is an AI-fueled Chatbot designed to help businesses provide 24/7 customer support and generate more leads. Its automatic replies can help you answer common questions about products, order status, and shipping more efficiently, which enables your team to focus on important issues that require human work. Besides, it has an upselling system to intelligently recommend products and offers discounts to help you drive more sales conversions. Combining AI and human Support is a popular choice to improve customer service for small businesses in the future.


❏ Key Features


 • Drag-and-drop chatbot builder

 • Easy Integrates with all your work tools

 • Manage conversations from multichannel

 • Pre-designed templates for chatbot

 • Powerful helpdesk tool

 • Real-time overview of all website visitors

 • Analytics to understand customer behavior


❏ Pricing


TIDIO has a forever-free plan with 50 limits of live chat conversations and 100 limits of chatbot triggers monthly. If you want to create complex automation with customizable chatbots and access better limits, you can try its starter plan for $29 per month, which is a better choice for a small business.


Check TIDIO reviews >>


Taking Dropshipping Automation Further With SourcinBox


While AI can be a powerful tool for automating many aspects of dropshipping, it is unlikely that dropshipping can be fully automated with AI alone. You'll still need a dropshipping supplier to provide a stable product supply and automate your order fulfillment.


SourcinBox is a highly automated dropshipping platform that allows you to connect your e-commerce stores for importing products and synchronizing orders. You just need to find the product to sell and focus on things that matter. And the SourcinBox team will deliver the product directly to your customers with fast and cost-effective global shipping.


It is both a time-saving and cost-saving solution for dropshipping businesses as SourcinBox can also source high-quality dropshipping products at favorable prices. You can contact us now to get free quotes on your products and enjoy 1-on-1 customer manager services!


how to work with sourcinbox




The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can significantly improve the efficiency and profitability of dropshipping businesses. By utilizing these AI-powered tools, you can streamline most operations, make more informed decisions, and provide a better customer experience.


However, it is important to note that while AI tools can be a powerful asset for dropshipping businesses, they should not replace human decision-making and customer interaction entirely. A successful dropshipping business requires a balance between human expertise and AI-powered automation. Therefore, you should carefully consider your needs and budget when choosing the right AI tools to integrate into your operations.


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