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SourcinBox VS Spocket

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  • 2021-08-20 14:16:19
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Updated: 2022-03-01 11:57:40

SourcinBox and Spocket both provide fulfillment services for dropshippers. Spocket is a dropshipping platform that mainly provides products from US+EU suppliers. SourcinBox is a Chinese dropshipping agent that takes care of the whole dropshipping supply chain. 

These two platforms have their own features. You may be confused about which one to choose for your dropshipping business and which one can make you more profits? It would be helpful if we make some comparisons.

Dropshipping Model


How to fulfill orders with SourcinBox?


SourcinBox has integrations with Shopify and Woocommerce. Before using the SourcinBox app, you will get a 1-on-1 customer manager to help you with all the matters. They can source almost any products directly from manufacturers and suppliers in China at better prices. 

After connecting your Shopify/ Woocommerce stores with SourcinBox app, you can easily add unlimited products with descriptions and images to your store with SourcinBox app’s one-click import function. Once you have orders for the products, the orders can be synced to SourcinBox app automatically. Then you can place up to 400 orders with one click. For other stores, the SourcinBox app allows you to import store orders manually with datasheets. Or you can also place wholesale orders.

SourcinBox provides multiple shipping options to countries all over the world. After sourcing, purchasing, quality checking, and packaging, your orders will be shipped directly to your customers with fast shipping times. You can also buy inventories to store in their free warehouse and enjoy a fast processing time within 24 hours. As soon as the orders are shipped, SourcinBox will update the tracking numbers to your store and send them to your customers automatically. 

Moreover, private label customization is also available with SourcinBox. You can customize the product packaging, logo, label, inserts, or other materials to build your brands.

It has guaranteed payment methods such as Paypal and Payoneer. The SourcinBox team will deal with your after-sales issues like refunds or reshipment as long as it’s their responsibility.

With SourcinBox, your dropshipping business could be more efficient and profitable.


Looking For A Dropshipping Agent?

  • Lower Prices.
  • Fast Processing & Shipping.
  • Efficient Order Fulfillment.
  • Responsible After-sales Service.


How to fulfill orders with Spocket?


Spocket is a dropshipping platform designed to simplify the business of dropshippers from the US and EU countries. It has integrations with Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, etc. You can easily search for unique products according to different categories in the Spocket market and import the products to your store. You can also choose the supplier whose location is closest to your customers. Therefore, you can reduce the shipping time to satisfy your customers. But Spocket only supports one store in one Spocket account and requires a monthly fee to import products from Spocket. The total price of an order from a local warehouse to the local market could be even more expensive than an order with the same products from China.
Spocket will update your store inventory in real-time according to the supplier's inventory situation. When you have store orders, it will automatically send customer details and order information to the corresponding suppliers. Then the suppliers will process them and ship the products to your customers. You can check the order status on Spocket. But the processing time and shipping methods from different suppliers would be different. If the same recipient buys products supplied by different suppliers on Spocket, the recipient might receive products with separate packages. Meanwhile, the recipient has to pay for the shipping cost of each supplier.

Spocket provides 24/7 customer service and quick response. It also has a function that allows you to customize the invoices of your orders for some products. As for after-sales services, some products may be non-returnable and non-exchangeable. It depends on the return policies of different suppliers.




Shipping Time


SourcinBox Shipping Time


Before shipment, there's a processing time. The regular processing time of SourcinBox is 3-5 days without inventories or 24 hours with inventories in their warehouse. 

The shipping time is usually 7-15 days from China to the US and 4-7 days to the EU and UK. But it takes only about 5 days to the US if you choose USPS to ship your orders.

Spocket Shipping Time


What's special about Spocket is that most of its suppliers and warehouses are in the US and EU countries. The processing time varies from 1-10 days on the Spocket. It depends on the different suppliers. 

The shipping time is usually 8-14 days from the US to the US and sometimes less than 7 days if the warehouse is very close to your customers. For international orders, it usually takes 15-30 days from China warehouse to worldwide or 8-14 days from the US+EU warehouse to worldwide.

But some products can not be shipped to other countries except the country where the warehouse is located. Products that are out-of-stock in the US/ EU warehouses may be shipped from the China warehouse, which makes the shipping time even longer than that when the products are shipped directly from China to the destination address.



There are many unique products on Spocket. But since 60% of the suppliers on Spocket are located in the US and the EU countries, products may not be as cheap as dropshipping suppliers in other places (especially China).
SourcinBox has competitive prices because it works directly with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.

An Example: Pricing comparison between Spocket, AliExpress, and SourcinBox.


The following kitchen cleaning brush on Spocket costs $10.09 for a listing price. The total price for the same brush on AliExpress is $2.48+$5.77=$8.25. But that’s not the cheapest. It only costs $7.49 on SourcinBox. 

For this product, the shipping times of these three platforms to the US are almost the same. So choosing SourcinBox could be more cost-effective.

Spocket Price

AliExpress PriceSourcinBox Price




Spocket has many US+EU suppliers and nearby warehouses. It is a good choice for dropshippers who want to sell US+EU products to their US+EU customers. But the cost of using Spocket is probably too high for dropshipping newbies. 

Although Sourcinbox only works with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, it can still provide massive products, even the same products as on the Spocket, and ship products worldwide with fast shipping times.

When you just start your dropshipping store, AliExpress is more suitable for you to test a product. When you have stable orders for a product, you can go to SourcinBox for a lower price and faster shipping time than on AliExpress. When you have enough budget or find a supplier on Spocket that offers a faster shipping time to your customers, you can try Spocket dropshipping for some unique products provided by the US+EU suppliers.


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