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Best Dropshipping Products for Mother’s Day 2024

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  • 2022-04-07 13:29:09
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Updated: 2024-03-26 10:55:30

We are approaching a great holiday in May - Mother's Day. It is celebrated in more than 50 countries around the world. Although the date of celebration may vary, people everywhere will buy gifts on Mother's Day to show their love and appreciation towards their mothers.




Mother's Day is the third-largest retail holiday in the United States After Christmas and Easter. According to NRF, consumers planned to spend an average of $274.02 per person and a total of $35.7 billion on gifts last year, which has been growing over the past few years and reached a record high. It is expected to grow this year as well.


So what and where do people shop for Mother’s Day? What to sell for Mother’s Day? In this article, we will tell you what you need to know about Mother's Day shopping trends and what are the best dropshipping products to sell for Mother's Day.


Mother’s Day Consumer Trends Overview


Mother's Day consumer trends show why you should seize this opportunity to boost sales and give you inspiration on choosing the best products for dropshipping.


Who Celebrates Mother’s Day?


There is no doubt that Mother is the protagonist of Mother's Day. Both men and women will celebrate Mother's Day and they plan to buy gifts for mothers, stepmothers, wives, daughters, and grandmothers. So the range of products you can choose from is not limited to gifts for mothers. It is also a good idea to pick some great gifts for men to buy for their wives.


According to NRF, younger consumers are leading in this trend. Consumers aged 18-24 are the most(48%) interested in giving a gift of experience, followed by those aged 25-34 (47%) and 35-44 (43%). Those latter age groups are most likely to give the gift that keeps on giving. If your dropshipping store is geared towards millennials, congratulations that you will have access to the majority of Mother's Day consumers.




What Are Consumers Buying for Mother’s Day?


Mothers receive more than just traditional flowers and greeting cards. Though expected spending is up across all gift categories, certain categories have shown more potential. Jewelry, electronics, and apparel are the primary drivers of growth in 2023. According to NRF, subscription boxes caught much popularity last year–almost half (46%) are interested in gifting a product subscription box, most of which are aged 25-44. Let out a subscription box service is a wonderful way to promote your brand and attract more audiences.




Where Do Consumers Shop for Mother’s Day?


Online stores keep the mainstream in purchasing with 34% of 18+ consumers looking for gift ideas online (either through advertising or browsing online). Therefore, online stores have an obvious advantage in Mother's Day sales. Besides, 38% of those celebrating Mother’s Day say they “always” or “very often” look to retailers for gift inspiration. The statistic is much higher among men, 43% of whom compared with 33% of women. As such, online retailers shall advertise ahead to take more chances.




When Do People Shop for Mother’s Day Celebration?


Mother's Day falls on the 14th of May in 2023. Most purchases will be made one to three weeks before Mother's Day. To get a head start on Mother's Day sales, you should start picking your products at least a month in advance and start testing and marketing products around mid-April. You can refer to the following key dates.


 • 12th April: Research consumer trends, products, and guides for Mother's Day sales.

 • 17th April: It is recommended to start testing products and marketing on this day.

 • 14th May: Mother's Day in the USA, Brazil, Australia, etc.


Mother’s Day in Brazil


Brazil is considered one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in Latin America. It is also one of the major consumer markets for Mother's Day. Mother's Day is the second biggest holiday in Brazil after Christmas. Online sales during Mother's Day in Brazil generated 6.4 billion Brazilian reals in revenue in 2021! E-commerce is an important sales channel for Mother's Day in Brazil: e-commerce sales in 2022 were up to R$ 142 million, according to Nuvemshop's data.


The following are the leading product categories in online purchases for Mother's Day in Brazil in 2021, according to Statista.


 • Fashion & Accessories (12.4%)

 • Home & Decoration (11.6%)

 • Beauty & Health (8.8%)

 • Cars & Accessories (8.2%)


The main consideration for Brazilians when buying gifts on Mother’s Day is price, accounting for 46%. And 43% of 18-34-year-olds use social networks to research prices before shopping online. Another key factor influencing over half of the Brazilian consumers' purchase decisions is shipping costs. So if you are dropshipping in Brazil, you may need to offer discounts properly and work with dropshipping suppliers that offer cost-effective shipping options.


Best Dropshipping Products to Sell for Mother’s Day 2022


To help you get more inspiration for dropshipping on Mother’s Day, we have listed some of the hot-selling and trending product ideas in the Mother's Day product categories. If you want to dropship any Mother’s Day products from us, you can send us sourcing requests or contact us directly. We will source the products you want directly from manufacturers at better prices. Then you can import the products to your store through our app.


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1. Greeting Cards


 • Pop-up Greeting Cards


Greeting cards, as the top of planned purchases for Mother's Day, must be the first item you should add to your product list. So how can you be creative in selling greeting cards? Learn about pop-up greeting cards as shown in the pictures below. Compared to traditional Greeting cards, pop-up cards are more versatile. They can be unique bedroom decorations or displayable artworks.


Pop-up greeting card is a potential niche market. You can make a lot of profit margins by sourcing them from China at a very low price through SourcinBox. If you search on Google, you can find some niche stores that are successfully selling pop-up cards. You can also head over to their store or social media channels for inspiration to sell pop-up cards. Of course, a pop-up card is also a great product option for cross-selling in your store.






2. Flowers


 • Artificial Flower Bouquet


We can see from Google Trends that Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are the most popular times for flower bouquet searches. The popularity of flower bouquets is increasing these years. From China, you are able to source flower bouquets suitable for dropshipping - artificial flower bouquets, made of Juan, cloth, paper, plastic, and other materials. These artificial flowers look almost exactly the same as real flowers, but they are more convenient to transport and store.


Eternal Flower BouquetEternal Flower BouquetEternal Flower Bouquet



 • DIY Crochet Flowers


With most people staying at home during the pandemic, people are using small DIY projects to relieve stress. And millennials are leading the DIYers. So DIY crafts would be a great Mother's Day product idea.


You can sell materials for DIY products through dropshipping, but if you're a craft lover, you can make and sell your own crafts. Etsy is the largest e-commerce platform for handmade items. Most female sellers create and sell on Etsy. In addition, YouTube and Facebook are also excellent platforms for selling DIY crafts.


DIY Crochet FlowersDIY Crochet FlowersDIY Crochet Flowers



3. Jewelry & Accessories


 • Chain Necklaces - Paperclip Necklace


Chain necklaces of different styles are all popular right now! Such as paperclip chain necklaces, are all simple, beautiful, and easy to wear, no matter how the face, height, or body shape. They can be worn universally on almost all occasions such as in the shower, going to the gym, etc. This style is very popular on Instagram and other social media platforms. So if you are planning to sell necklaces for Mother’s Day, try some chain necklaces.


Chain NecklacesChain NecklacesChain Necklaces



 • Clay Earrings


Clay earrings refer to earrings made of polymer clay. Polymer clay is very sculptural and can be used to make earrings or other accessories in various shapes. Clay earrings are also one of the very popular DIY handicrafts available on Etsy, Pinterest, YouTube, and other platforms. Compared with expensive jewelry, clay earrings are more affordable for most consumers. And for mothers, it is also a creative and thoughtful DIY gift.


You can choose to sell clay earrings directly or sell polymer clay material packs for making clay earrings. We can help you source them from Chinese manufacturers. Of course, if you're a handmade craft lover, you can also try to make and sell clay earrings or other accessories yourself.


Clay EarringsClay EarringsClay Earrings



 • Claw Clips


Look at the performance of the Claw Clip on Google Trends, it must be one of the most popular products that girls and women with long hair can't resist. Because the claw clip is not easy to cause damage to the hair, making long hair clean and neat. Moms with long hair will love a gift like this. If you're looking for trending accessories, look no further than the claw clips.


Claw ClipsClaw ClipsClaw Clips



4. Clothing & Accessories


 • Silk Pajamas


Silk pajamas are more suitable for Moms because silk is luxurious, comfortable, and breathable. And it is very suitable for the season of May. We can see that Silk Pajamas have an upward trend in Google searches. If you are dropshipping clothing, then sustainable, organic, washable silk pajamas would be great choices for making a profit.


Silk PajamasSilk PajamasSilk Pajamas



 • Silk Scarf


Silk scarves are also great Mother's Day 2022 gifts. Silk scarves are versatile and can be worn directly, or as a decoration for headwear or bags. The material of silk scarves is also more suitable for spring and summer use. It is a good idea to cross-sell them as accessories with clothing or bags.


Silk ScarfSilk ScarfSilk Scarf



 • Sunglasses


When it comes to the best season for selling sunglasses, it's definitely May to August every year. And Mother's Day is the perfect time to gift moms a pair of sunglasses. If you're selling sunglasses under your own brand, SourcinBox provides private-label customization services, which allow you to print your brand logo on your glasses packaging. For more details, you can consult our account manager for free.





 • Sneakers


There is a fact that compared with high heels, leather shoes, etc., mothers may need a pair of comfortable sneakers or said fashion items. Sneakers can reduce the damage of shoes to their feet and encourage them to exercise properly to keep healthy. Since the fundamental nature of dropshipping is to resell other suppliers' merchandise, you must take care to avoid brand copyright infringement when dropshipping sneakers.





5. Personal Care & Beauty


 • Face Roller


Face rollers are usually made of jade, rose quartz, or metal. They are used to improve facial blood circulation, reduce facial puffiness, enhance the appearance of the skin, and more. It is one of the best holiday gifts for women. Since most face rollers are made of nephrite, it is a less precious stone compared to jadeite. This feature makes it cheaper and suitable for small business sales.


Face RollerFace RollerFace Roller



 • LED Mirror


Mirrors with LED lights have a good trend on Google, and makeup mirrors with LEDs provide users with a better makeup experience by simulating natural light sources. Such a professional makeup mirror like a Hollywood makeup mirror is a perfect gift for young moms. Since dropshipping requires long-distance shipping, opting for small LED makeup mirrors is easier to transport.


LED MirrorLED MirrorLED Mirror



 • Silk Sleep Mask


Researchers have proven that using a pure silk sleep eye mask generally results in better quality sleep and fewer distractions. At the same time, the smooth silk material helps reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles. Such silk sleep masks that help sleep and skincare are ideal for sale as Mother's Day gifts. If you want to customize your silk sleep mask under your own brand, you can contact us for more details about brand customization.


Silk Eye MaskSilk Eye MaskSilk Eye Mask



 • Hair Brushes - Air Cushion Comb


The air-cushion hair massage brush is more helpful for scalp care and health than ordinary combs. It can promote scalp blood circulation, reduce hair static and damage, and help to relax and decompress. This product has been popular for years and it is not only for Mother’s Day. You can sell it as a personal care product anytime.


Hair BrushesHair BrushesHair Brushes



 • Beauty Instrument


One of the things that mothers most worry about is getting old. Beauty instruments can take care of their skin and delay aging. In addition, Facial Steamers also have a good trend in beauty products. It is a good helper in facial cleaning.


Worried that electronic products cannot be drop-shipped? Don't worry, we source legal, drop-shippable electronics for you, with dedicated electronics shipping channels and fast delivery times.


Beauty InstrumentBeauty InstrumentBeauty Instrument



6. Electronics


 • Fascia Gun


The fascia gun is the best choice for muscle relaxation after exercise. It can help users increase blood flow, and quickly relieve muscle pain. It also has a good relieving effect on fatigue caused by long-term muscle tension. It can become an ideal massage tool for mothers who love fitness. But using fascia guns requires following professional tutorials. If you have a certain understanding of fitness and muscle relaxation, then you can try to sell fascia guns.


Fascia GunFascia GunFascia Gun



 • Electric Toothbrush


In general, electric toothbrushes did reduce plaque and gingivitis more than manual toothbrushes. It is a great tool to help prevent and stay away from dental problems. The overall trend of electric toothbrushes on Google Trends is up and it could be a nice Mother's Day electronics idea.


Electric ToothbrushElectric ToothbrushElectric Toothbrush



 • Robot Vacuum


How to free moms from annoying chores? A robot vacuum is one of the best gift ideas. You can see its rising popularity on Google Trends. So if you are selling smart household tools, don’t miss the robot vacuum for Mother’s Day.


Robot VacuumRobot VacuumRobot Vacuum



 • Hair Straightener


Hair straighteners have always been a bestseller. Maybe you have already started selling hair straighteners, and you can get more sales on Mother's Day by reducing costs and shortening delivery times. Maybe we are able to help you source products at better prices and provide you with fast global shipping. You can contact us to learn more.


Hair StraightenerHair StraightenerHair Straightener



7. Kitchen Items


 • Silicone Kitchen Utensils


Silicone is non-toxic, heat-resistant, and not easy to dye. Compared to metal kitchen utensils, silicone kitchen utensils will not scratch the pots and pans. For moms who love cooking, a set of silicone kitchen utensils will make them addicted. If you don't know where to source this kind of silicone utensils, you can contact us to help you source them at a favorable price from China.


Silicone Kitchen UtensilsSilicone Kitchen UtensilsSilicone Kitchen Utensils



 • Grocery Shopping Cart


A foldable shopping cart is so helpful for those who often go to the supermarket to buy ingredients. It is more environmentally friendly and has a larger capacity than normal plastic shopping bags. In terms of practicality, this would be a great Mother's Day gift.


Grocery Shopping CartGrocery Shopping CartGrocery Shopping Cart



8. Housewares


Bed Set


Those staying at home due to the pandemic may have more demand for houseware. One of the best housewares gifts can be a practical and beautiful bed set including a bed cover, pillow cover, quilt cover, etc. If you're selling these, it's time to pick some bed sets for spring/summer.


Bed SetBed SetBed Set



 • Summer Blanket


Blankets are hot-selling but they are not only for winter. Summer is coming and a cozy summer blanket and a cool air-conditioned room are the perfect matches. May is the season for selling summer blankets, so start dropshipping with SourcinBox today to seize the moment.


Summer BlanketSummer BlanketSummer Blanket



 • Table & Floor Lamps


Lamps are not only necessary housewares but also decorations to set off the atmosphere. There are many creative lamps popular on TikTok, and you can get more ideas for selling lamps from there. For example, a multifunctional table or floor lamp with phone charging can be a creative dropshipping product for Mother’s Day.





9. Others


 • Wearable Breast Pump


Maybe you haven't heard of the wearable breast pump, which not only fits comfortably into any regular or nursing bra but can also help moms feel more comfortable pumping in public. Its popularity is on the rise. For breastfeeding mothers, such a product can make breast bumping easier and free hands. It is one of the best Mother's Day gifts that you can sell online.


Wearable Breast PumpWearable Breast PumpWearable Breast Pump



 • Workout Mat


As the epidemic restricts people from going to the gym, home fitness has become an option for most people. The workout mat helps cushion joints and prevent slips and falls when exercising. So it is a great dropshipping product for fitness dropshipping stores. You can sell some workout mats with patterns of styles moms love, or with exercise instructions.


Workout MatWorkout MatWorkout Mat





Picking gifts from the perspective of the recipient can often gain more inspiration. Similarly, as a seller, from the perspective of consumers, you can find more customer needs and product ideas.


If you've already figured out what to sell for Mother's Day, the next step is finding dropshipping suppliers. You can contact us to help you source the products you want at better prices and get quotes.


It is free to sign up for SourcinBox to fulfill your dropshipping orders. After connecting your store with our app, your store orders will sync to our app. Then we will purchase, check quality, pack, and ship the products directly to your customer.


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