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The Most Popular Summer Dropshipping Products in 2024

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  • 2022-06-02 17:53:13
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Updated: 2024-07-05 17:41:08

The summer shopping season was the third-highest holiday for sales growth in the US, behind Black Friday and Prime Day. It's enough to prove the large potential of people shopping in summer. With the coming of the most exciting summer shopping season this year, it’s the best time to refresh your online store with cool summer products.


This summer will remain a season full of increased spending. Much like last year, the summer of 2024 will be a season of economic growth as consumers increase their spending across categories. To help you seize the opportunity to boost your dropshipping online sales this summer, we've prepared a selection of the most popular summer products you can sell online in 2024.


So are you ready for the summer shopping season this year? Let's get more inspiration on summer products and promotions from this article.


The Summer Shopping Season Promotion Guidelines


The impact of seasons on shopping and retail is obvious. And retailers have many opportunities to expand their sales every summer. For example, general summer products, camping & swimming equipment, graduation & back to school season products, etc. are all great summer retail choices. For dropshipping, grasping the timing of planning products and marketing strategies can better promote the increase in summer sales.


The summer shopping season usually starts in May and continues to August. May is the best time to plan products, confirm the products with your suppliers, add them to your store, and price them, just before consumers shop in bulk.


The Summer Shopping Season Promotion Schedule


Marketing and pre-sale can begin in June. For experienced dropshippers, pre-sales can predict and determine consumer demand and order quantity in advance by allowing customers to pay product deposits and quickly get parts of the money back.


You will have plenty of time during the pre-sale to prepare the product in stock (stored in the supplier's warehouse) with your dropshipping supplier. For the dropshipping model, preparing inventory in advance can greatly shorten the time for suppliers to process products and deliver products to your customers faster.


When everything is in place, the pre-sale is over, and the summer sale has officially started, your supplier will handle the order and delivery for you. You just need to adjust the product and inventory according to the sales volume, and then sit back and wait for the profits to reach your pocket.


Note, however, that the amount of inventory depends on the number of pre-sale orders, so don't blindly predict your future sales and buy too much inventory.


Until the end of July, dropshippers who sell seasonal products such as clothing and accessories, can clear their product inventory at attractive discounts and get the last wave of profit from summer sales.


Of course, we do not recommend dropshipping beginners to buy inventory in advance. You only need to sell the hot and trending products directly. After all, the advantage of dropshipping is that you can sell any product at any time without being bound by inventory.


19 of The Most Popular Summer Products to Sell Online


The world has recovered from the pandemic and people are planning more outdoor activities such as traveling, camping, hiking, and swimming. So consumers are expected to spend more on summer products such as camping and outdoor products, swimming items, and cooling products. Since much of the U.S. is experiencing a heat wave, beach vacations have become more popular than ever! Items for a beach vacation are in high demand this summer.


Among so many summer products in the market, we have found some of the most popular summer products on Amazon, AliExpress, and TikTok that are perfect for dropshipping. So let's take a look at what's out there!


If you want to dropship the products mentioned in the article or any other dropshipping products, please contact us directly or send us a sourcing request.



1. Swimsuits


Clothing is the most popular product category for online shoppers and one of the best dropshipping niches. Especially seasonal clothing products of summer, such as shorts, swimsuits, etc, which already account for nearly one-fifth of total U.S. consumer spending on clothing.


One-third of U.S. adults spend more than $50 on Swimsuits. Those who buy swimwear most commonly are women, adults aged 25 to 34, and high earners. And the one-piece swimsuit is the most popular style among women over 18.


The popularity of swimsuits is growing on Google Trends and the high popularity will continue until the end of July, so it's not too late to add some swimsuits to your store and you'll have plenty of time to profit from it.





2. Rubber Hole Beach Bag


A beach bag is essential for a beach holiday. Rubber hole beach bags are gaining high popularity these days-- you can easily find content from influencers introducing this kind of tote bag on social media. Not only because it is waterproof and durable, but also because it allows people to DIY an exclusive beach bag to their preferences. You can also offer various bag charms paired with the bags which can surely increase sales for your online store.




3. Inflatable Tanning Pool


This inflatable tanning pool's popularity is surging this summer. The related testimonial video received over 9 million views on TikTok. Equipped with an inflatable backrest, cushion base, cup holders, and armrests, this tanning pool makes it possible to enjoy sunbathing right in the backyard at home. Contact SourcinBox now to source this product for a successful summer dropshipping business!


Inflatable Tanning Pool


4. Baby Swimming Float


For babies, it's also possible to experience the coolness of the summer pool. If you're running a niche store for baby products, the baby swimming float would be a great product choice. It has been popular in summer for years.


There are very successful brand stores on TikTok selling Baby Swimming Float. Maybe you will be the next successful entrepreneur. You can contact us today to help you source high-quality baby swimming floats at great prices. Private label customization is also available to print your brand logo on the products you are selling.


Baby Swimming FloatBaby Swimming FloatBaby Swimming Float


5. Foldable Dog Pool


Preparing pet summer items is another chance to win more profits. You must never miss this foldable dog pool if selling pet supplies online! With the special design, there is no need for inflation--set up in no time, and easy to store and bring with to anywhere. This summer dropshipping product can surely create an enjoyable swimming experience for pets.


Foldable Dog Pool


6. Swimming Pool Basketball & Volleyball


Is there anything more exciting than a swimming pool party? Swimming pool basketball & volleyball are two popular pool party activities. Such as inflatable ball nets and baskets, and glowing beach balls will be the highlights of a pool party. If you are going to sell summer swimming pool party toys, don’t miss these interesting items.


Swimming Pool BasketballSwimming Pool Basketballglowing beach ballsSwimming Pool Volleyball


7. Turkish Beach Towel


Prepare soft and quick-dry beach towels for your customers going for a beach holiday! The lightweight multipurpose Turkish beach towels can meet all their needs--used as a bath or picnic towel, pareo, or beach blanket. Traditional Turkish weaving design and fringe tassel detail make it a hot fashion item this summer! You can also sell in a set with delicate packaging for gift ideas!


Turkish Beach Towel

Turkish Beach Towel Google Trends


8. Inflatable Swimming Pool Float Hammock


Have you ever seen a hammock floating in the water? Compared with traditional swimming rings, the inflatable floating hammock allows consumers to swim freely in the water for hours without feeling restrained, and it is more compact and easy to carry. It is definitely one of the must-have swimming equipment in summer.


If you don't know where to source this kind of product, please feel free to contact us, we have ample product supply and provide you with a free quote.


Pool Float HammockPool Float HammockPool Float Hammock


9. 2 In 1 Portable Watermelon Knife


Watermelon is a must-eat fruit in summer. Manufacturers have made great efforts to find the easiest way to cut watermelon. Now a brand new 2-in-1 portable watermelon knife has become popular. It can cut the watermelon into neat cubes with just some simple cuts. After flipping, it is a fork for eating watermelon. This gadget is safe and convenient, and even better, it's not dropshipping contraband (such as regulated knives), so you can dropship it safely.


Portable Watermelon KnifePortable Watermelon KnifePortable Watermelon Knife


10. Reusable Food Storage Bags


Food spoils quickly on hot summer days. Reusable food storage bags are a great help when large quantities of food need to be stored in the refrigerator. It can well seal and isolate different foods and improve the utilization rate of refrigerator space. In addition, the reusable silicone material also makes it sustainable. It is absolutely a perfect addition to your grocery store.


Reusable Food Storage BagsReusable Food Storage BagsReusable Food Storage Bags


11. Tumbler with Straw


It's important to hydrate during the hot season, especially after sports. It's a fashion trend to take tumblers with a straw out among the young generation. Depending on the usage scenario, customers' demand for the capacity is different, which means adding tumblers in different sizes to your offering list.  If you are running a print-on-demand business, customize the tumbler with themed colors, patterns, and characters. Design your unique tumblers now and get extra sales this summer shopping season!


Tumbler with Straw


12. Ice Cube Molds & Trays


Traditional square ice cubes have become a thing of the past. A variety of creative ice cube molds and trays have appeared on Amazon. Among them, the Ice cube trays for the Tumbler cups are favored by consumers these days. Choose ice cube molds that are made of soft silicone which is easy to de-mold ice cubes, without poisonous and harmless. If you are interested in selling ice cube molds, it is a good idea to try different shapes of ice cube molds.




13. Large Wide Brim Sun Hat


Physical sun protection is particularly important in summer. Sun hats are one of the most practical sun protection products and a fashion item in summer. If you want to sell sun protection hats, it is recommended to choose this kind of sun hat with a large brim and light material, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays and also keep beauty.


Wide Brim Sun HatWide Brim Sun HatWide Brim Sun Hat


14. Summer Non-slip Slides


A pair of soft non-slip slides is undoubtedly a summer must-have. Whether indoors or outdoors, people always choose comfortable and breathable ones for summer. Shark slippers keep the popularity on TikTok and ensure steady sales. Other favored items like cow indoor slippers and cloud slides also have great potential to win more sales. Add these in-demanding slides to your store now!




15. Wearable Waist Clip Fan


Portable fan sales have continued to expand since early May since people aiming to avoid sweating in the summer heat outside. Among the continually style-updated portable fans, this portable waist fan just kills. Users can clip it to the waist or wear it as a necklace fan to free their hands. Besides, it combines three excellent functions: lighting, fan cooling, and charging.


Wearable Waist Clip Fan


16. Mini Portable Hanging Neck Fan


Compared with handheld fans, portable hanging neck fans are more suitable for sports and office crowds because of their hands-free design. Its small body has dozens of air outlets, which can provide enough cool wind to help cool down. If you're looking for the best-selling portable fans, don't miss this hanging neck fan.


Portable Hanging Neck FanPortable Hanging Neck FanPortable Hanging Neck Fan


17. Bug Zapper


Flying bugs can be big trouble for most people when it is heating up during summertime. This offers great chances for the bug zapper market. Bug zappers are constantly upgraded according to customers' needs, and more convenient and safer designs have become the mainstream of the market. Hanging, placing, or hand-held, you can sell zappers in different forms of use in your store.




18. Motivational Water Bottle with Time Markers


In hot summer, our bodies need a sufficient water supply, and a motivational water bottle with time markers can remind users to drink water on time. What a smart design! Many people are sharing their motivational water bottles on TikTok. It is expected that more people will buy such motivational water bottles this summer, and now is the best time to sell them. You can easily fulfill your dropshipping orders at a low cost with SourcinBox.


Motivational Water BottleMotivational Water BottleMotivational Water Bottle


19. Bubble Machine Gun


The bubble machine gun must be the most awesome bubble maker. It has attracted millions of views on TikTok. The pool party vibe maker has to be the bubble machine gun this year. It's definitely a cool summer toy for kids, too. Add it to your store and start selling now!


Bubble Machine GunBubble Machine GunBubble Machine Gun


Final Words


Hope you can get some inspiration from the product list in this article. We won't stop recommending great products. Next time we will provide a product list for graduation and the school season sales. You can also follow our YouTube channel and TikTok for weekly hot-selling products and creative TikTok products.


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