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How to Set Up Shipping Rules on SourcinBox APP

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  • 2020-03-03 11:27:16
  • 1 min read

Updated: 2022-03-03 15:00:16

Some customers told us that they spent much time choosing shipping methods. For example, when the shipping cost of one order is higher than $20, they need to alter the shipping method into DHL. Another case is that some customers want a different shipping method from the default shipping method set on the APP for some countries. For example, for some products, the default shipping method is ePacket, but some customers want to use USPS to ship the products. It would take much time to change the shipping method for the orders of these products one by one. We, therefore, developed a new feature, Shipping Rules, to dramatically save our customers' time which would otherwise be spent on altering the shipping methods manually. 

Here's how to set up shipping rules. 

Step 1: Go to page "Settings - Shipping Rules" on the app. 



Step 2: Click "Add a Shipping Rule" in the upper left corner and set up rules according to your needs.


1. Conditions to run your customized shipping rules.


The conditions include "Countries", "Amount Limit - the amount of each order" and "Freight - shipping cost of each order". Only when all conditions of one single rule are met, will this rule be executed. 

2. Activate 


There are 2 statuses for each rule: Enabled and Disabled. The disabled rule won't be executed. 

3. Sequence


A rule with higher priority is firstly executed. When one order meets all conditions of a rule with higher priority, this rule is executed, and the other rules with lower priority won't be executed. 


Please refresh the page after clicking "Confirm".



Step 3: Use the shipping rule you set to place orders.


Usually, the order will show the default shipping method. You can click "Re-run Shipping Rules" to use the shipping rules you set.


Please feel free to contact your client manager if you have any questions. Your client manager will guide you to set shipping rules. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any suggestions on the features of our APP. We will consider your suggestions and take your suggestions to optimize our APP whenever possible. 

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