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Niche Dropshipping - Sell Home Decor Online to Maximize Profits

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  • 2023-09-06 12:04:50
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Updated: 2023-09-15 11:11:53

After experiencing the home period during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have shed more light on home decor. And they also increased the spending to make their home a dream place. Such changes make the home decor market grow actively. The value of the home decor market in the United States was forecast to reach 202 billion U.S. dollars in 2024, a 20 percent increase from the 2019 value.


Home decor--short for home decoration, refers to the objects that make the home more aesthetically attractive and visually appealing. It includes items like furniture, art, and accessories which can be easily changed or updated to create different atmospheres. Among them, DIY products and crafts are gaining surging heat as perfect home decor. 

Home decor is definitely a lucrative niche for dropshippers. Catering to the huge market size and combining it with the dropshipping model is the secret to success. Keep reading to get more insights on the home decor market and get inspiration on the best-selling home decor products for your online business!


Why dropship home decor? Is it profitable?


The growth of the home decor market is too obvious to ignore. Revenue in the home decor market amounts to US $126 bn in 2023. Besides, the market's great potential ensures a long-term margin for dropshippers. It is expected to grow annually by 4.77% (CAGR 2023-2028). And most revenue is generated in the United States (US$32,320m in 2023).

The delightful development of the home decor market owes to the following:


1. The Changes in Home Decor Consumption Preference

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly looking for products that provide practical benefits as well as enhance the aesthetics of their homes. When faced with an unchanged home for a long time, people may get tired. Brand new home decor can alter occupants' minds and bring a good mood. It is often difficult to change large pieces of furniture, thus people always start with decorations to create a more perfect space for them. The increasing demand for small pieces of home decor with both appearance and practicality would definitely bring high profits for the businesses involved.


2. The Rising Popularity of Online Platforms

Compared with traditional offline shopping, online platforms offer more choices to consumers at more reasonable prices. The convenience and economy make people turn to online home decor shopping. In addition, online platforms often present appealing offers and discounts to consumers. 

Among all the popular platforms, Etsy has increasingly become the main channel for purchasing crafts and vintage or handmade items. According to Etsy, the growth in active buyers accelerated to a 3% year-over-year increase in the second quarter and reached a new all-time high of 91 million.

All in all, dropshipping is the best business model that allows you to sell products online without holding stocks, meaning you can benefit from a low-risk and high-reward business. Etsy is the perfect platform you can attempt to attract home decor consumers, where you can easily start selling a wide range of home decor products. 


Best-selling Products for Home Decor Dropshipping


The home decor market covers numerous segments, and customer demands vary in different segments. Dropshippers need to optimize the decorative nature and keep pace with the changing customer needs when selecting products. The following insights and tips may help you out:

Wall Decor


As the largest proportion in the room, the wall provides sufficient flexibility and possibilities for home decoration. Wall decor can be a finishing touch that adds lively and character to the whole space. Wall decor should pair with the room theme, for example, the children's room should get less wall decor for safety. Meanwhile, if the customer doesn't want to change the integrity of the wall, you can offer products like wall stickers. Whether large or small, they can add more charm to the room and can be removed anytime.


wall sticker

Imitation brick is a hot item among people chasing changeable home designs. Since it allows people to effortlessly transform the walls whether they desire an industrial loft style or a rustic farmhouse aesthetic. The easy installation makes it easy to change and inspire creativity


Imitation brick


The most common choices for wall decor are surely wall hangings. We recommend all fabric and metal wall art to your online store. Fabric and metal artwork can fit basically any style. In particular, large pieces of art, such as tapestries, can change the visual center of a room thus making the overall layout more comfortable. Depending on people's imagination, these projects can complement the existing style or add a striking contrast.


wall hangings


Table Decor


The tabletop ornaments can reflect the master's taste in some way. From the arrangement of single ornaments to the fusion of styles on the whole, people are trying to fuse the sense of ritual with an aesthetic touch. Little ornaments can add charm to the whole space or just shape a single corner. Placing a stylish table lamp on the cupboard or a desk can surely make the corner more specific. Lamps like candle lamps have a strong appeal to the younger generation since they can easily create a peaceful atmosphere.



And of course, some dainty little plates are a hit. Whether they are used to hold scented candles or small items such as jewelry, these delicate plates can subtly accent the flat surface!


little plates

When sourcing products for dropshipping, you can consider festival purchasing demand. People usually buy simple decorations to prepare for festival celebrations. Meanwhile, for people with religious beliefs, it is also common to display some ornaments with religious elements at home.


table ornament

Dried flowers are perfect for creating decent floral centerpieces at any place. It requires no maintenance or watering which saves time and money. Also, people can pair different flowers for outstanding floral arrangements. Dried pampas grass is a basic but popular item for all. Simply fluff it up and put it in a vase, and people are able to enjoy years of beautiful displays.


Dried flowers

Many highly practical decorative items play a very important role in enhancing the fashion sense in the modern home! Because of the clever combination of creative design and its uses, these products are bound to increase sales for home decor dropshippers!


practical table decor


Room Decor


For many people home decor focuses primarily on the living room and bedroom. People mainly find products for decorating rooms on social media. Especially from room tour videos, which are specialized in displaying the room on the Internet. The #RoomTour hashtag on TikTok has gained over 15.3B views. Viewers always go to shopping platforms to buy similar or the same type of products that appear in the videos after watching. Thus dropshippers can also consider making this type of video or cooperate with influencers for promoting products.


roomtour TikTok hashtag

As for selecting products, lighting is always at the top list: neon signs, projection lamps, night lights, and so on. Even the room in the simplest design has a special flavor with well-designed lamps. Light can create completely different vibes in the same room. 




Aromatherapy diffusers and humidifiers designed with decorative lights are also trendy among the young. They are the perfect combination of practicality and decoration. Because of restricted space and limited budgets, many people may not be able to install a full set of professional effect light fixtures in their rooms. As a result, more and more products are designed with lighting effects to meet more diverse customer needs.


Aromatherapy diffusers and humidifiers

In addition to adding industrialized elements to decorate the room, people can also add some soft elements to neutralize it as well. Home textiles furnish and add comfort to the home. The products including couch covers, pillowcases, carpets, throw pillows, and chair cushions, tend to be easier to change with the trends. The sales of soft furnishing are also impacted by the seasons. For example, plush designs will be especially popular in the colder months. Dropshippers should change the product lists based on the seasons of the targeting regions.


Home textiles


Decorations for a nursery can also be taken into consideration since parents today are more willing to pay to create a better environment for their babies. Fluffy or colorful items are always top choices to form a comfortable and lovely room. Besides, dropshipping suppliers can also choose cartoon elements as the main melody of product promotion.


nursery decor

Kitchen & Dining Decor


Never miss kitchen and dining decor as people may spend more time in these spaces in the coming holiday season(Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, etc.). Delicate decorations paired with the holiday celebration are always on the holiday purchasing list.


kitchen decor google trends

The most identified items are the dining tabletop decorations--table runner, tablecloth and placemat. Printed in various patterns, these products can surely be hot items for a holiday banquet. Of course, they're not just for more formal occasions like festivals and weddings, but also in everyday life. Not only can they protect the tabletop, but also provide a decorative effect. That's why you should launch festive collections before the holidays while maintaining those in everyday styles.


dining tabletop decorations

More and more people tend to be very attentive to the style of kitchen accessories as well.  Make the most-used items more visually pleasing, which can also enhance the flavor of food to a certain extent! It is also important to match the overall decor of the kitchen and dining room. Source more styles and designs for your customers to choose from.


kitchen accessories


Bathroom Decor


Simple products can have a chic and functional impact--this is the core of selecting bathroom decor products. When working with a limited budget, certain products can go a long way in elevating the look and feel of a space that should be comfortable.

For example, any bathroom—no matter how small—becomes infinitely more enjoyable with a nicer showerhead. With replaceable showerheads, renters don't need to hire a plumber or take on a months-long DIY project to make it happen. Easy installment and efficient filtering can make them more competitive. Bath towels and bath rugs can give the cleaning spaces a major pop of color and vibrancy.

Crafting the perfect bathroom is much more than creating a better aesthetic feel, though. There's also the matter of adding helpful storage, which can be done without installing new cabinets. Simple items, like a wall-mounted toothbrush holder or a well-designed organizer that adds counter space, can optimize the existing bathroom structures.


bathroom decor


Start Home Decor Dropshipping to Maximize Profits


The home decor market has remarkable potential and the dropshipping model offers more advantages than normal. Don't hesitate to add home decor to your online store now!  Hope our best-selling home decor listing can somewhere help you out. To gain more profits, here are some key points you should follow:

1. Find reliable home decor suppliers: A successful dropshipping business largely depends on finding appropriate suppliers. SourcinBox can help you find experienced suppliers that provide high-quality products at lower prices. Also, we can ensure your margins by offering cost-effective shipping methods. Sign up now for more free services!

2. Choose the right products: Choose the products that meet your requirements the most to sell. Stay updated on the latest trends in the market, and adapt offerings and strategies accordingly.

3. Build up a brand: To stand out from the severe competition, building up a brand is the ultimate way out. Sharing your brand story and idea with your customers through social media. Professional customer service is another adding point.

4. Optimize SEO: Excellent SEO can drive steady traffic to your sites. Use relevant keywords and meta descriptions to increase your site's rank in search engine results.

Remember to continuously monitor the market and competitors. If you are ready to start a home decor niche store,  contact us to get free quotes for the products!


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