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Best 10 Dropshipping Products Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2024

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  • 2022-01-07 20:12:16
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Updated: 2024-05-08 13:34:51

Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday that is celebrated around the world. It gives various opportunities for selling products and increasing sales. According to NRF, Americans planned to spend nearly $26 billion last year for Valentine's Day, up from $23.9 billion in 2022 and one of the highest spending years on record. 


For e-commerce entrepreneurs and dropshipping sellers, you should not miss this opportunity to make your Valentine's Day sales soar! To help you stay ahead of the game, we have got some popular and potentially profitable dropshipping product ideas for Valentine’s Day according to the consumption trends. Check out our top picks for Valentine's Day 2024!


Valentine’s Day Consumption Data Overview


More than half (52%) of consumers planned to celebrate Valentine's Day last year with an average spending of $192.80 on gifts according to NRF. And online is the most popular Valentine’s Day shopping destination.


The most popular gifts for Valentine's Day are still candy (57%), greeting cards (40%), and flowers (37%). In addition to these traditional Valentine's Day gifts, compared to 2022, especially younger age groups were more comfortable heading for a special evening out (32%)



There’s a fact that Valentine’s Day is the second-largest holiday for exchanging greetings cards after Christmas. About 145 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged every February 14 in the U.S. (excluding packaged kids’ valentines for classroom exchanges), according to Hallmark.


Also, Valentine's Day is not just a holiday for lovers. Teachers, parents, kids, lovers receive greeting cards every year. Among them, kids can be the real winners on Valentine's Day because they will also receive gifts from their parents.


Even pets will receive prepared gifts on Valentine's Day. Americans planned to spend an estimated $1.189 billion on gifts for their cats and dogs on Valentine's Day last year.


Therefore, no matter which niche market you are involved in as an online seller, you’ll have opportunities to win sales on Valentine’s Day as long as you can choose the best products based on your audience’s gender, age, and preferences. Now let’s dive into the key part of the article.


Best 10 Dropshipping Product Ideas for Valentine's Day 2024


The following products are all hot selling or trending products from SourcinBox, AliExpress, Amazon, TikTok, and Temu. You can find some of them in the SourcinBox marketplace. If you want to dropship other products that do not exist in our marketplace, you can directly contact us to help you source them directly from manufacturers at good prices.


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1. Flower Bouquet


Roses are a timeless symbol of love and affection. Offering a wide selection of flowers and beautifully arranged bouquets can be a lucrative business during Valentine's Day. Since the preservation time of fresh roses is too short, artificial roses have become popular, which also implies that love never fades. The artificial roses with the glass covered in Beauty and the Beast are Valentine’s Day gifts of eternity and classic.


Besides, Crochet flowers and bouquets are trending products you can sell to those who are planning to give handmade Valentine's Day gifts. If you’re targeting crochet enthusiasts, selling Valentine’s Day-themed DIY crochet kits is also a perfect idea.


Rose bearartificial roseLego rosescrochet roses


2. Jewelry


Valentine's Day is a popular occasion for gifting jewelry, on which people spend the most money every year. The total expected spending on jewelry in 2023 is up to $5.5B according to NRF's survey. Offer a variety of options, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or customized pieces, to cater to different preferences and budgets. 


Jewelry made of diamonds is too expensive for small businesses like dropshipping with a tight budget. So, zircon is a perfect alternative to diamonds, which are cheap, colorful, and beautiful. Heart necklaces are gift ideas that can not go wrong for Valentine's Day and you can source high-quality jewelry with unique designs from SourcinBox for dropshipping.


heart necklaceheart ringheart earringsValentine's bracelet


3. Coquette Accessories 


Coquette Nails is taking over social media again, which has been popular along with the trend of "coquette aesthetic" since last year's Valentine's. Wearable coquette nails and bow accessories for nail art are perfect Valentine's Day gifts or products you can sell now. In addition, products that are designed with coquette bows such as clothes, handbags, and phone cases are also trending product ideas!


coquette nailscoquette phone casescoquette clothescoquette bags


4. Valentine’s Day Tumblers


Tumblers can always be thoughtful gift ideas. Don't miss out on the opportunity to captivate your audience with delightful pink Valentine's tumblers, and enhance your brand awareness on Valentine's Day via custom packaging and brand kitting. Contact us to unleash your creativity with our private label service.


valentine's tumblervalentine's tumblervalentine's tumbler


5. Valentine's Day Decorative Lights


Decorative lights are a good helper for making romance on Valentine’s Day. We have found some unique Valentine’s Day lights including heart-shaped neon lights, night lights, and LED string lights. They are also perfect decorations for weddings and proposals, so you can have more opportunities to profit from them.


Valentine's Day Decorative LightsValentine's Day Decorative LightsValentine's Day Decorative Lights


6. Matching Underwear for Couples


Many couples enjoy celebrating the holiday by exchanging gifts that symbolize their love and connection. Matching underwear can be seen as a fun and intimate gift option. It's a great idea to sell couples underwear with personalized Valentine's prints to differentiate it from the market. Quality and materials are key factors to focus on when sourcing matching underwear from your supplier. 


Matching UnderwearMatching UnderwearMatching Underwear


7. Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids


Valentine’s Day is not only fun for adults. Kids can receive gifts from their parents, who are potential consumers on Valentine’s Day. While toys are the best gifts for kids, Gen Z is also a huge consumer group of toys. More importantly, toys are not a necessity but as long as it is popular, you will have a chance to profit from them.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for KidsValentine’s Day Gifts for KidsValentine’s Day Gifts for Kids


8. Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs & Cats    


Pet store owners should not miss Valentine’s Day. On average, men spend more money on Valentine’s Day gifts for their dogs, while women spend more on gifts for their cats, according to Finder. Pet lovers will definitely spend on their pets on Valentine's Day, so it is a good idea to add some pet toys and accessories with cute Valentine’s designs to your online store.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for petsValentine’s Day Gifts for petsValentine’s Day Gifts for pets


9. Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards


Greeting cards are the second most popular Valentine’s Day gift after candy. Whatever you are selling in your dropshipping store, you can sell greeting cards at every festival as attached products with other major products. But remember to choose greeting cards that are in line with festival features and customers’ age, preferences. With SourcinBox, you can also insert thank you cards of Valentine’s designs in the packages sent to your customers.


Valentine’s Day Greeting CardsValentine’s Day Greeting CardsValentine’s Day Greeting Cards


10. Valentine’s Day Gift Wraps & Boxes


Selling your Valentine's Day products (especially jewelry) together with exquisite gift wraps and boxes can be a great idea to increase the order value of each customer. Also, you can customize gift boxes with your brand elements on them. We can do product kitting for your orders and send products to your customers within your custom packages.  


gift boxgift boxgidt bagsgift wraps


Start Dropshipping Now with SourcinBox for Valentine’s Day


It is critical to plan your Valentine’s products and sales ahead because Valentine's Day 2024 comes closely behind the Chinese New Year Shutdown. To ensure a smooth product supply for your business throughout the Chinese New Year Shutdown, it is recommended to communicate with your supplier now and prepare inventory in advance!


SourcinBox has rich experience of dealing with Chinese New Year shutdowns and it would be your best partner now as we won't thoroughly shut down and offer pre-inventory options, which can minimize stock-outs and delivery delays for your business. The following are the main services we can provide.


SourcinBox integrates with multiple e-commerce platforms to automate your order processing. For Amazon, eBay dropshipping sellers, you can also manually upload orders to enjoy our following services. 


Product Sourcing


We already have massive products in our marketplace, you can import them to your store directly. Besides, we can source almost any products directly from manufacturers at lower prices than on AliExpress. If you want to dropship any Valentine’s products that do not exist in our app, you can send us sourcing requests on SourcinBox or contact us directly.


Automated Order Fulfillment


Our app integrates with major e-commerce platforms and your store orders will sync to SourcinBox automatically. Once we receive your orders, we will purchase the products to our warehouse, check the quality, pack and ship them. Order tracking numbers will be updated both on SourcinBox and your online store.


Free Warehousing


You are allowed to purchase inventory in advance to avoid stock outs and shorten the order processing time. We can ship your orders out within 24 hours for products in stock. Our warehouse is free to use for our customers.


Fast Shipping


We work with almost all mainstream shipping companies and have multiple shipping options available for your orders. You can check the estimated shipping cost and delivery time on the Dashboard of our app. It usually takes 7-15 days on average for shipping to the major countries.


1-on-1 Customer Service


You will get a 1-on-1 customer manager to help you with all the matters while using our app. And we will responsibly deal with after-sales issues that are caused by us. To get a customer manager, you can contact us to get a manager code and enter it on the dashboard after you have logged in.


Private Label Service


We also provide private label service to support your branded dropshipping. You can customize the product packaging, stickers, inserts, or kitting as your business requirements.


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