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How to Set Up Your Shopify Location for SourcinBox Fulfillment?

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  • 2022-11-25 17:45:57
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Updated: 2022-11-25 18:21:00

Many of our Shopify customers have been confused that SourcinBox is not showing up as an App Location option in their Shopify stores. And they don’t know where to correctly set up shipping zones and shipping rates for products from SourcinBox.


And some said that for products imported from SourcinBox, customers were not able to check out in their stores due to shipping issues.



Actually, SourcinBox automatically chooses your Shopify Default Location and its Shipping rates to fulfill your orders. So if the shipping zones and rates of your default location do not include your customers’ countries, the above problem will show up.


In this article, we will show you how to solve the problem and set up your Shopify Location for SourcinBox fulfillment.


1. Find Your Correct Shopify Location for SourcinBox Fulfillment


What is a Shopify Location?


A location is a physical place or an app where you do any or all of the following activities: sell products, ship or fulfill orders, and stock inventory. And you can set up multiple locations in your Shopify store. Your online orders and in-person sales are assigned to locations.


You can find your Shopify Locations in "Settings - Locations" in your store admin. And usually, the default address of your store is set as your Default Location. You are also allowed to add new locations or change the default location.


Shopify Locations


Which of your Shopify Locations is used for SourcinBox?


The products that are connected with SourcinBox and the online orders for these products will be assigned to your current Default Location.


So find out your default location first and give this location a short name to make it easy to identify.



Please note: If you change your default location to another one, then the products you added from SourcinBox after the change will be assigned to your new default location. But your previous products and orders will still be under your old locations.


2. Set up Shipping Zones and Rates for All Your Products and Target Countries


If your customers are not able to check out even if they have entered the right addresses, you should check out the following two things:


1) Whether you have set shipping rates for the countries/regions and provinces where your customers are located.


Go to "Settings - Shipping and delivery", you will see GENERAL SHIPPING RATES. Click "Manage" to check the shipping zones and shipping rates.



You can create new shipping zones under your default location for the countries and provinces you want to ship to.


And it’s important to add rates to the shipping zone so that your customers in this zone are able to checkout! You can refer to Shopify tutorials on setting up shipping rates.



2) Whether you have set shipping rates for the location where the product was assigned to.


If you have changed your default location, then the products connected to SourcinBox previously were still under your old locations.


You can add shipping zones and rates for your deactivated locations under "Not shipping from".



Here you should note:

If your locations are in the same country, you can use the same rates as your default locations.

If your locations are in different countries, you should set new shipping zones and rates for each location separately.


As long as you have set shipping rates for all your target countries/regions under the locations that you use for SourcinBox products, then your customers in these countries/regions are able to check out in your store.


3. Active Your International Markets on Shopify


This operation is not related to the problem mentioned above, but you should set it in advance if you are going to sell to multiple countries.


Check your Shopify markets in "Settings - Markets". The international market is inactive by default. This means that customers in these countries can’t check out until you activate the market.


So if you want to sell products to other markets in addition to your primary market, you should activate the international market or add a new market for your specific target countries (e.g.North America).


Please note: Only after you have set up shipping rates for your target countries/regions, you can activate the markets for these countries/regions.



For example, if the North American market is activated, then customers can choose Canada, Mexico, and United States as addresses when checking out.



If you still are still confused about the setting up of Shopify Locations, you can search in the Shopify help center. If you have any problems while working with SourcinBox, please feel free to contact us and provide us with the details of the problem you have encountered. We will help you solve them as soon as possible.


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